Follow The Money. Always

We all suspected there was too cozy a relationship between pharma, Gates and universities. 

People started looking into grants from BMGF to schools given their stances.

I looked into it in 2021 because I was suspicious and concerned they all sound like they were reading from the same script. Lo and behold, Gates gave tens of millions to McGill, the University of Toronto, the University of Saskatchewan, and the University of British Columbia - the four biggest outspoken academic experts supporting masks, passports and lockdowns.

Remind me who did that again? Right. Gates and his pal Fauci. 

Whenever I see or read a McGill expert play 'science' on TV or in an article, I see the puppet hand of corporate pharma up its ass.  McGill is now patterned with Moderna. Do you think McGill will be an impartial arbiter of science and where their products are concerned?

Did I introduce you to my friend money

The vaccine mandate requirement in schools doesn't make any scientific or ethical sense. There had to be a reason. First, among them we should all have understood was money.

It's always about money.

Fauci is not about science/

He's about money. 

We're talking trillions overtime on the table when it comes to the mRNA platform. They don't care how many people they hurt. It's 'rare' after all.

Except for the people who get sometimes permanently disabled or hurt or worse after taking these 'safe and effective experimental shits.

Yale is mandating vaccines for students but not staff. What did an investigation show? They get more money from HHS peddling superstition, like whores to the tune of millions.


In the case of Yale, $607 million from HHS. $475 from student tuition. 

Now you know why they want masks and vaccines. Money. 

Wait? How does that happen? If the vaccines are about a 'safe environment, how do they have a two-tiered system?


Not only are these schools run by despicable cowards, but greedy ones are willing to hurt students.

Western University here in Canada ended the mandates are two students dropped dead.

In a world where justice reigned supreme, the families sue Western into oblivion (with some cosmic justice for good measure on those who pushed the mandates) and win.

But we don't live in such a world and our courts are pretty much useless when it comes to upholding this piece of garbage Charter we have.

Follow the money.


They don't care about you or your family.

Stop buying into that lie.

It's all about the money.

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