How To Become Lost As A Country

A close friend of mine keeps saying he has no time to keep informed.

Whenever our conversation gets into serious territory, he's largely unaware of any perspectives outside the realm of mainstream 'reality'.

He's open to what he hears and isn't hostile. He's too smart. His street, business and academic intelligence quotient are in the top 95% percentile. 

Always been since we were kids.

But that's all it is to normies. More 'interesting' information. It's almost as if they process crucial information as 'I'll take that under advisement" not realizing it's not advice but critical information that has a direct impact on their lives.

Alas, the only way unfortunately for normies to understand is for them to get hurt personally. The Pajama Laptop Class that cheers on the bio-medical tyranny is 'safe' for now.

Until they aren't. 

His fallback 'I don't have time to read like you do' is a lazy cop-out. It's an excuse. These are people that will engage in extreme minutiae researching the most pointless of consumer items Or they will spend hours and hours trying to find the best deal for a car. Which is responsible but why they don't apply this kind of diligent research to climate change and vaccines I don't understand.

I try to get people to grasp this.

These people took a useless 'vaccine' with potentially far-reaching implications for their personal health without a modicum of critical assessment. 

He recently bought a Tesla. Because evidently. he can't be bothered to realize he's doing his part to keep slave labour going in Africa while doing fuck all for the environment. 

The disconnect is astonishing,

And points to the rank selfishness and hypocrisy of the West.

They'll cheer on some vapid 'thing' to soothe their guilty conscience virtue signalling to the point of vomit-inducing, but when it comes to putting their money where it truly matters they turn their backs.

They need that iPhone, see? The EV allows them to pretend to be 'doing something'.

So smart, yet....

Not paying attention to what's going on beyond your four walls is abandoning your duty as a free citizen.

That's how countries become lost. 

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