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Bill Brady 🇨🇦
I want to see more of the Justin Trudeau we saw on Friday. The in charge, well versed, grasp of issues, thoughtful, decisive. The strong voice against the RW Cons who supported those intent on destroying this great country. He is our strength.

Bill is a true believer. In Bill's comment, we see he supports despotic rule. 

I don't know how he came away with that during the hearings. What part of Justin abused the rule of law for a non-threat didn't he get?  Bill doesn't seem all that bright.

Well-versed? You mean coached in spinning a laughable narrative? Decisive? Against actions that were already being settled? 

Prove the intent because literally - other than the government - no one supports the claim. 

It's called evidence, Bill.

You swallowed government propaganda whole like the unthinking obedient commoner you are. You believed that fellow Canadians were committing acts of treason. Not cool, Bill.

'This great country'. Cite needed. 

So I, against my better judgment, checked out Bill's Twitter account. And right there up top reveals his colours. A quote by George Bernard Shaw. One of the most loathsome of the early progressives and a big proponent of eugenics. 

Justin Trudeau, by his actions, didn't show strength.

He showed COWARDICE, Bill.

Sounds like you're all in with cowards. 

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