The Vaccination Campaign Must End

These 'vaccines' are not working. They worked for 15 minutes and the claim they saved 20 million lives is specious and sloppy science then used for propaganda. 

Not only do they fall in inefficacy to below zero with every single shot they appear to be leading to a rise in aggressive and strange cancers (as predicted would happen by a naturopath friend in early 2021 who treats cancer patterns), heart attacks, blood clots, strokes and infertility.

All the issues 'conspiracy theorists' had warned about.

If you read an article in the media - and they do still exist if you can believe it - saying stupid things like 'safe and effective' and 'conspiracy theorists' run.

Run like hell.

At this stage, only idiots, fools, shills, assholes, ignoramuses, and callous people would defend these utterly dangerous and useless shots.

This madness must end.

The government needs to look at itself, find its courage, admit it was duped and made a mistake then look at pharma and ask: What did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO?

Then, heads must roll. Everyone involved in making lives miserable and ruining the lives of millions must face justice. Some should, an my opinion, face the death penalty. 

We need a slow reform of all our institutions from the legal to medical.

Let all this gunk pass. Give these criminals their pensions and let them walk out into the sun never to be seen again.

The key will be what and who replaces them. This is our time and opportunity to do so.


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