The Moment Of Truth Is Coming

I'm noticing data from insurance companies who are reporting higher disability and death claims (injuries so serious it will permanently distort the labour force), and actuarial reports showing excess and all cause mortality clearly on the rise. These facts seem to be corroborated by what funeral homes, embalmers and pathologists are seeing on the ground. As well as brave physicians willing to speak out.

Folks. The mRNA shots are having a devastating impact on life. It's not 'Long-Covid' (whatever that is. They can't even properly define it). It's what experts outside the closed loop logic of the current narrative have been saying would occur with non-sterilizing, untested experimental mRNA injections during a pandemic.

It makes no sense deaths are above the baseline while Covid deaths have dropped. So what's causing these 'mysterious' deaths including here in Canada which officials and the media are desperately and obviously trying to hide?

I think we all know. /wink.

The moment of truth is coming. How will people and society at large react?

The all-cause mortality angle is the one thing they won't be able to hide.

In the meantime. our governments are moving full steam ahead in using Covid as a laser pointer to distract from the fact they're attempting to usher in a climate tyranny to sit by the medical tyranny. 

Except, there is NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY anymore there's a Covid one.

Saying this isn't a conspiracy. In fact, the real conspiracists are the ones lying to us that these issues pose a mortal and existential threat which they clearly don't.

But people's brains are fried now. Thanks to incessant lying from ignorant infectious disease dopes and epidemiologists like Isaac Boguch, David Fisman, Horacio Bach, Matthew Oughton and Don Vinh - let's throw Tam and Chris Labos in there for good measure because they all talk outside their lanes and asses -  people think 'ventilation' purifies the air of viruses. These doctors who keep saying the only tools to 'combat' Covid are masks, boosters and 'better ventilation' are not only stuck in 2020 but don't even have scientific and ENGINEERING evidence to back them up. Open th

Just a reminder:

-This was very likely indeed engineered in a lab.

-The plan and scam is to 'soup' up viruses through gain of function in order to create vaccines for profit. The Hegelian Dialectic in motion. Create the problem, and offer the solution.

-The narrative was carefully and manically orchestrated. 

-The Canadian and Quebec governments made this about politics and not health.

I could go on but will stop here.

Just remember. There's nothing mysterious about these sudden deaths.

We all know what's causing them.

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