Quote Of The Day

"She went on to add that she wished “girls could fail as bad as men do and still be ok.”
“Watching men fail up is frustrating. It is frustrating watching men blow it, and win,” she later added while discussing standards for women." Michelle Obama.

/face palm.

Her husband won a Nobel Peace for doing exactly fuck all. He probably has honorary degrees for exactly nothing other than being him. There may also be some projection her part. She basically got gigs for who she was married to. A little like Hillary and even Justin Trudeau. You try and tell me the above quote can't apply to him.

Re-read that carefully.

Not bright.

At all.

And what's with the perpetual 'my struggle is real' mug? It's insufferable. 


Looks the megalomaniacal Obamas are gonna keep their faces in the papers for the foreseeable future regaling us all with their wit and insightful takes on life and humanity.

Buckle up buckaroo. 

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