Obama Behaves Badly; Left Blames Trump

The American left is so out of its mind, it's impossible to figure out what kind of disease afflicts them.

No. Seriously. Something is amiss in their ranks.

The latest round in TDS has them circulating pictures alleging abuse of immigrants by Trump.

Problem is....the pictures are from 2009-2014.

Who was in power during those years? I forget.

"So weird how Linda Sarsour, an Obama Pod Bro, Shaun King, a NYT editor & a CNN reporter all tweeted the exact same AZ central article thinking it was 2018 & not 2014. How do those things happen? It’s a Scooby mystery that may never be solved."Follow
"All it took to expose horrible treatment of immigrants during the Obama administration was for Trump to become president."

And they say Fox is 'Faux News'?

Projection much?


Speaking of Mr. Pop Culture president....

He spied and it's scandalous.

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