Giro d'Italia: North American Sports Channels Come Up Flat

One of the most riveting and historic Grand Tour races in history just concluded with the Giro d'Italia and it was not seen by a North American audience.

I don't know why the networks choose to show two of the three Grand Tours, nor do I care because it's an absurdity.

The Giro d'Italia is often regarded (by racers, fans and pundits alike) as the greatest of all the Grand Tours for a plethora of reasons from the fans to the food to the accommodations to the scenery to the difficulty and unpredictability of course and it's a damn shame it wasn't broadcast. Indeed, with its deep and glorious pedigree and heritage, Italy/Giro is to cycling what Ferrari is to auto racing.

They define the essence of their respective sports.

The 2018 version of Giro was simply epic. Beginning in Israel (the first non-European country to host a GT), the racing was simply hard core in some of the most interesting, challenging and iconic routes and terrain.

It defined really what cycling should be about.

Hats off to Michael Woods who finished 19th in this most difficult edition of the Giro. Same to Guillaume Boivin and his 117th placing.

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