The Lamentable Conversion Trope

Salon and Slate are always good for stupidity.

Opening line:

"I, a scientist with a PhD in microbiology and immunology, was a climate change denier. "

Ah yes. The conversion trope. 

Publications and people who engage in it engage in the worst kind of useless bull shit.

Moreover, the second you have to resort to your credentials to assert credibility in a field you're not an expert on pretty much obliterates your credibility and should be frowned upon.

Alas, academics with a PhD probably think they have the intelligence to comment on issues outside their narrow field of expertise.

Last, microbiology and immunology have absolutely fuck all to do with climate change.

I have a doctor friend. Smart as a cookie as all doctors are. Except he has retarded views on politics. How? He'll say things like 'Mao did good things for China'. That's how.

It's possible to be a scientist and still be an idiot buying into what has become mostly an anti-capitalist movement.

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