GOP Takes Senate; Media Double-Standard

Ah, the sweet smell of gridlock. The GOP won 52 Senate seats giving them the majority in the Senate. Not all states have fully reported and it's been suggested they can win as many as 55.

Moreover, Republicans currently have more state legislative seats and governorships than since before the Great Depression.

In other words, it was a 'shellacking'.

The question is will Obama take this one final cue or will he try and rule with the mighty executive pen?

Now we'll see just how cunning, intelligent, pragmatic, skillful and wise the President really is.

With a personality like Obama, this might get interesting as I don't see him operating like Clinton did when he didn't have the House or Senate either.

Don't hold your breath. 



Kim Crowley, (remember her? The partisan Democrat moderator who broke with protocol and etiquette to challenge Romney during the debates in which he bitch slapped Obama and later sorta apologized for her mistake and lie? Yeah her) she was at it again last night as a 'pundit' on CNN.

Check this gem out about Scott Brown:

"He's not even from there!"

Here's the problem. Jeanne Shaheen - who eventually won - is from Missouri and was educated in Pennsylvania. 

Want more? Remember when Hilary ran in New York in 2000? Yeah, like, she's totally from New York. Totally. Or that California politician Nancy Pelosi is originally from Maryland?

The thing that really bothers me is NOT ONE person challenged her comment.

Sigh. Leave it to me - a lowly Canadian blogger to set the record straight.

Now, of course, the list is just those born outside their state. Those who moved early on but took up resident were not necessarily included. People move. We're mobile so that someone was born in Colorado but lives in Minnesota and is elected there is not an issue. Sure, carpetbaggers and opportunists in politics exist (and could very well be the case with Brown) but the point here is to show the silliness of Crowley's assertion and its intent, I reckon, to deliberately mislead viewers.

Going into last night's election you can view the list here. I stopped at around 20 who were born outside their state. 

Now how many of those chased seats? I don't know and too lazy to check. I'm sure there are a few. 


Oh, dear me Stephanopoulos.

I'm sure George would be the first to complain to the school if he felt his kid was being railroaded in a school debate by the moderator. Something about professionalism, something, something would come out of his 'concerned' mouth I'm sure.

I heard Scott Brown in an interview where he said he believed he would be treated fairly but he lead on it wouldn't surprise him if he was not.

George was up to the task.

How these people get chosen is beyond me. Rather cynical.

"While CNN has defended Crowley, and she has defended herself, for that episode, she has somewhat admitted since then that she was wrong. But the damage was done after the debate.

Romney’s criticism of the way the Brown-Shaheen debate was handled comes as everyone who helped in the false attack on Brown—with the exception of ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, the debate’s chief moderator—has apologized to Sen. Brown.

“ABC is declining to comment,” ABC News spokeswoman Heather Riley told Breitbart News.
Pindell apologized to Brown on Twitter and on statewide television on his network on Thursday night. The Huffington Post, which originally backed the false attack through a hit piece from reporter Sabrina Siddiqui, has also apologized to Brown and the public for getting its facts wrong as well. Huffington Post politics editor Sam Stein issued that outlet’s apology in a statement to Breitbart News.

Stephanopoulos, the chief moderator of the debate, has not however said anything about this—and has not, as the senior most newsman on the panel, apologized for the false attack on Brown. By not saying anything, Stephanopoulos is refusing to back the public apologies of all the others who mishandled the debate and post-debate coverage."

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