Generous Police Compensation

 In Baltimore:

"Records of workers' compensation claims and awards are available online. City documents from fiscal 2013 show that several fatal shootings resulted in payouts related to PTSD, which is considered a full-body injury. City employees who are too injured to work receive temporary disability payments equal to 100 percent of their salaries, without taxes deducted. That can mean payments ranging from $167 to $749 a week, for up to 500 weeks.

In that fiscal year, one Baltimore officer was awarded $31,000 for psychological stress after he reported shooting a suspect who pulled out a weapon. Three officers were awarded $18,000 each after a shoot-out with a suspect who had killed someone in a domestic violence incident. Another was awarded $31,000 after shooting a suspect and enduring repeated nightmares. And two officers were awarded a total of $85,000 after a nearly six-hour standoff in which an officer killed his fiancee.

Four officers involved in the 2011 shooting of fellow officer William H. Torbit Jr. also filed for workers' compensation claims due to injuries or the psychological stress of the shooting. Two received undisclosed awards, including an officer who ascribed her psychological trauma to the fact that the shooting was "accidental."

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