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'The beauty of the way Democrats approach politics isthat their willingness to accept half a loaf means that they cankeep making incremental gains even when they appear to be “losing.”Lane Kenworthy, a sociologist at the University of California–SanDiego and the author of Social Democratic America, puts itbeautifully: “Small steps and the occasional big leap, coupled withlimited backsliding, will have the cumulative effect ofsignificantly increasing the breadth and generosity of governmentsocial programs.” That is, conservatives can try to nibble at theedges of new social programs, but they'll rarely succeed in rollingthem back completely."

Meh. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So they're good at incrementally passing crappy garbage bull shit laws that hurt us in the long-run. 

I think most observers of politics already figured this out as it's not the first time this has been mentioned. Libertarians and conservatives have been warning of this strategy for quite some time.

I know it's how I view things.

And it's problematic.

For example, it's pretty much the Quebec government's approach to eroding English institutions. We all 'know' (wink) that's their end game and they will succeed because it's very easy to dismiss this as paranoia since it's impossible to find evidence unless they admit it - which they never would. It would take an Edward Snowden whistleblower to get that sort of information.

Therein lies the impossibility of fighting back because it's done in such a slow and deliberate manner (don't ruffle the feathers of the commoners too hard!) it makes one who challenges it that much more vulnerable to accusations of 'extreme' thoughts and beliefs.

Another example is the case of the tobacco and smoking crusade. The most obvious example of progressive incrementalism.

In the end, this position so proudly on display by leftists. erodes individual liberty all in the name of the collective.


Again. This is no surprise to me nor should it be to anyone outside the progressive ranks. It's the enabling welfare state; heroin for the masses.

The question is how do we stop this?

Answer. You can't. You just gotta let it collapse.

And then we start from scratch again and the cycle will repeat itself.

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