Diff'rent Race Playing Card

Been hearing a few pundits up the ante on 'Obama is a racist' meme. That is, he's gone from merely being a 'racist President' to the 'most racist President ever'.

Hyperbole much?

I invite anyone who takes this position to, you know, read up on Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson and their commentaries on race. In fact, I think it's pretty easy to find several past Presidents who were 'more racist' than Obama.

Obama is guilty of failing on the 'post-racial' gibberish that went on after his election in 2008. He clearly wasn't up to the task and he made certain of this early on during the incident between a professor and police in Cambridge which led to that silly Beer Summit. Had he not commented as a wise man would have done, such a PR stunt wouldn't have been necessary.

As you know, I'm not enamored with 'Meh' Obama nor do I consider him to be a great intellectual, speaker or leader, but let's keep perspective here.

His tenure will be up to much debate moving forward with both sides staking their claims regarding his legacy and record.

Let it unfold naturally without resorting to forced generalizations and accusations.

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