Following Failure

 The three pillars on which the success of the pandemic response rested were:

-Social distancing.




Three of the four are NPIs. 

All four constitute the so-called 'multi-layered approach.

We now know - contrary to the misinformation spreaders representing the official narrative - three of the four had no basis whatsoever in science. We have more than enough information and data showing they failed. This should surprise no one because that was already established science. 

The vaccines are tricker. But the preliminary data is showing also a failure. Whatever success it may have had has long dissipated. There's no information that bivalent shots work. 

The claims made that they 'saved' millions' is specious. There's so much manipulation going on, it's near impossible to see the truth. And it's deliberately done so in my view.

You cannot make the claim they saved millions while ignoring the injuries and deaths they caused. The studies that claim this are mathematical models that do not consider the trade-offs.

People keep saying they're 'following the science'.

Even when there's no science to follow. 

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