A Powerful Message

I don't know who this chap is but he gets straight to the heart of the MAIDS matter being pushed by the Liberals.

This party is managing to piss off everyone.  Except for dumbass wokesters, Torontonians, urban laptop cucks and transgender people.

The real 'fringe' minority.

Remember when liberals and progressives would scream Harper had to govern for all Canadians because 66% of Canadians didn't vote for him?

Harper wasn't anywhere near as divisive - if at all - as Justin Trudeau. Not a day goes by where Justin isn't taking dead aim at some group. Like the gentleman mentions in the clip. They want to control every Canadian. Be it through the internet, carbon taxes, MAIDS, or alcohol consumption  - there isn't a section of civil life Justin isn't trying to govern. 

The Liberals are a repugnant bunch of sowers of discord. 

I feel for this guy. We need to somehow break out of this Liberal/NDP deadlock and set this country back on a course of human decency. 

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