On The Brink - Of Stupidity

The 'we're gonna use nuclear bombs' rhetoric that has become a feature in the Ukraine war is an indictment of the times we live in.

During the Cold War era, diplomats on both sides were skilled in the art of brinkmanship careful to not use irresponsible language and rhetoric. 

It's hard to pinpoint where this changed but I track it back to the Obama years.

Particularly when it comes to Russia.

Obama used unnecessary aggressive language that softened crossed the line of proper diplomatic etiquette. In fact, it was a specialty of his not just in foreign policy - his weakest point - but in other facets and areas of civil life including the economy.

It was during the Obama years we were the fracturing of the civil order with wedge issues used to concentrate power.

And so it is with Ukraine. It's amateur hour at the Comedy Nest listening to our foreign leaders talk about war like war pigs. The caliber of our leaders is low and weak. They sound like they read on a 5th grade level - listen to anything Melanie Joly says. How she's in this position is a mystery. She's wholly unqualified for this job. 

So much so she actually poses a national security threat. Melanie and Justin taking on the Russians. Now that inspires confidence.

Ukraine is not a war worth fighting for. It's not a democracy. It never was and likely never will be.

Its leader is a gangster and this geographic expression is a vassal state for the West acting like a launching pad for state gangsterism from money laundering, human trafficking and biolabs run by the U.S.

Zelensky has banned political opponents, buys million dollar villas for his parents all the while Nazi thugs murder people in the streets. It's estimated up to 70% of the weapons we send there end up, well, not in the Ukraine 'army'. 

That we're threatening mutual destruction for it is preposterous.

Ukraine is not worth fighting or dying for. It offers nothing to the West other than to stick it to the Russians.

It's just a pawn for the West to leverage its power but as the Russians have made clear, it's a true red line they were willing to fight for.

They will win because they're committed to it. 

We're not because to us Ukraine is not about state existentialism but a mere toy to consolidate power. 

This is the country our tax dollars are going to.

What folly. 

War pigs. That's what our leaders are. Pigs.

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