"Fully Vaccinated" Is Meaningless

If there's one thing the mediocre portion of the intelligentsia love doing is coming up with vacuous one-liners.

Like a good comedian seeks a punchline, so do academics. 

The list of these pointless slogans is endless from 'pay your fair share' to a 'living wage' to 'flatten the curve'. You know the rest.

Another phrase oft used is 'fully vaccinated.' Politicians and health officials urging people to be 'up to date' with their shots call this being 'fully vaccinated'.

The fact they say to do it should give everyone pause.

For one, it's a crappy 'vaccine'.

But you have to take it because breathing air is now dangerous.

No, they posted this for real. 

Here's the problem.

You will never be 'fully vaccinated'. They lied to you. What they mean by 'up to date' is that if you don't keep up with your treatments, you're vulnerable to disease because your immune system was compromised. They erased your robust natural defences and installed lousy software into you.

If you keep 'trusting the science' as currently constructed by a corrupted allopathic and political apparatus, Natural Selection will take care of you.

The rest of you who instinctively feel something is off, grow a pair and get off the carrousel.

Cut your losses.

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