Trump Calls The Shots; Probably Winning People Over

Once you get past the bluster and noise, one can begin to see that Trump 'gets it' and is willing to call out bull shit:

"Trump: "The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented."

With the rise of socialists like Sanders (who holds ideas further to the left than even Scandinavian countries) and the tolerance for Marxism and Antifa violence, it was time a POTUS drew a line.
THIS is leadership. The West is classical liberal, free and capitalist.
And this is how we shall stay.
Add him calling that little fatso twerp in North Korea 'Rocket Man' as he trolled the UN, I'd say this was a highly successful day for Trump.
The United Nations and its bee hive of corrupted incestuous collection of defunct players deserves all the scorn it gets. And then some.
We've been making fun of it through different mediums for years. The Simpsons parodied it, Dr. Strangelove mocked it. So it was time a mirror was put to its face and Trump is the guy to do that.
It's refreshing compared to the carefully crafted cynical drivel about how much the UN is needed from past leaders including Obama; which made him an excessive snore-bore with his empty platitudes.
I don't see what he did as juvenile at all. In fact, it should pull people to his side. I mean, we're all racists now so may as well, no?

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