Hillary's Last Stand

Er, no. Obama and Hilary have not 'mostly stayed out of the media limelight' since Trump's election. Does the media think we're obliviously dimwitted?

They've been yapping left, right and centre from Obama's tweeting about the current administration's policies and his speaking engagements (who would pay to listen to such a trivial snore-bore fest?) to Hilary's interviews and book tour. Where she blamed everyone and everything from Russians to misogyny to Comey for her loss. I think she may have even mentioned Gazoo.

I've never seen anything quite like it and has taken insufferable arrogance and classlessness to new heights. Them staying in the spotlight has been the rule and not the exception.

I think they both deserve at this point to be told 'shut up already'.

Especially Hilary. Lord, what a pompous, self-entitled, arrogant, miserable, black souled, sore loser this chick is.

Every time she speaks she reveals why she indeed wasn't fit for the job. She would have been horrible.

Her mental state is just not healthy.


And can we just stop it with the popular vote already? Remove L.A. and NY from the equation and she was soundly defeated. The Electoral College did its job.

Squawking on and on about the popular vote is like saying you had more yards and first downs in a game despite the final score. That's what it is.

It's winning a battle; not the war.

Still, like mentioned, remove two cities and this isn't even a discussion. Not that it should be to people of sound and literate minds.

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