Hypocrisy Reigns In Presidential Race

Let me see. Since critical thinking is all the rage among people these days.


Trump says something in private 10 years ago (which is pretty much standard garbage in any locker room from high school all the way to the pros - and more on this in a second) and it's a massive issue brought to over blown proportions and is fair game for scrutiny.


Hillary's private emails - on an unsecured private server that broke the law - are not fair grounds for debate and discussion?

Methinks there's much hypocrisy in the system.

In fact, as wikileaks is showing (and the media is ignoring as they slowly close ranks with Hillary), Hillary's contempt for people is actually more impressive and shockingly breathtaking in its arrogance. No one is spared from Catholics to Latinos to Southerners.

At best, an apologist can say 'it's true' but that would make them the very sort of person progressives claims to hate, no?

It's all projection isn't it?

As for Michelle kicking in her thoughts about Trump. Perhaps a hashtag is in need here. In any event, I'm sure she asked her daughters to leave the room each time Bill entered the room, right?

I mentioned sports locker rooms. Everyone knows much vulgarity happens in locker rooms. I've been part of those myself and quite frankly to this day my friends and I continue to make crude jokes. It's a fallacy of the progressive left (now into thought control) to believe what's said will turn into action.

To hear ESPN or sports media people say things like 'I've never heard it' (in locker rooms) is so incredibly disingenuous, it's full of shit it's astonishing. Just like they never saw any steroids in MLB (it took investigative journalists and bloggers to break the scandal), they're acting like a bunch of lying cunts here.

Like political 'journalists' and talking heads, they're just worried about their access and getting invited to the right cocktail parties I reckon.

Anyway, Hillary. She's bad news.


  1. Everyone's still concerned about their "reputation" and their "good name not being tarnished" and with "staying in good with everyone else".

    That's so-o-o-oo ..."grade school" and "high school".
    REAL adults should be candid about private matters and serious/intimate/intricate issues.

  2. Remember when politicians used to behave like aristocrats, ambassadors and dignitaries?

    Nowadays they behave like "normal people":
    Temperamental and loose-cannon demeanor
    Unrestrained self-righteousness
    Militant/contemptuous arrogance
    Obsessively stereotyping and dogma-embracing

    Trump states "I'll accept the outcome of this upcoming election so long as I win". Entering a political race is a crapshoot endeavor, similar to placing a bet or "having fun at the casino". Whatever you wind up with, that's what you "take home with you".
    Clinton figures her high status trumps her obligation to be unconditionally transparent.
    No commitment to stewardship on the part of either one of them. Just capricious slandering of one another back and forth---like a bunch of schoolkids and petty neighborhood gossips.

    But, of course, that's how your average "normal" everyday person behaves, right?
    I'm guessing that dignitaries alienate the average person, so those in the political arena figure if the politicians start "behaving like those who are voting for them" their candidates will be better able to "connect with the voters".
    Or something like that.

    Oh, and another thing: Both candidates can dispense with the accusations of the other "favoring the elitists over the people" since BOTH Clinton and Trump are clearly members of the wealthy class.


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