Adam Smith Refresher

A little refresher on Adam Smith never hurts. 

Quick word on Thomas Jefferson.

His staggering personal library puts into perspective the shallow contemporary notion of the Founding Fathers being 'slaves' (excuse the pun) to their times. The logic then permits people to claim the Constitution was invalid because of it.

Nothing is further from the truth. There were far more learned than we care to admit. They understood human nature and how it fit into the rapacious realm of politics. They grasped the basic universal themes and tenets of world history better than their critics today I reckon.

When you read what Madison and Jefferson were discussing you'd be hard pressed to find contemporary examples of such vigorous and brilliant discourse or readings.

Instead, we're treated to a jell-o mush of mediocrity of politicians masking as thinkers sometimes spewing progressive nonsense that have little or nothing to do with the foundation of the United States. Alas, as noted above, things change.

But what happens when interpretations and assumptions are wrong?

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