Hillary Is Worse Than Trump: And It's Not Even A Debate

At this point, I can't understand how anyone could support Hillary let alone vote for her.

As if we haven't heard enough about how amoral and thoroughly without scruples or principles this incompetent fiend is:

"It seems that Hillary Clinton and lying have been intimately acquainted with each other for decades, long before her role in the recent Benghazi cover up.
Perhaps all of this practice accounts for how good she’s become at it, and why violating the Constitution doesn’t appear to bother her conscience.
In her younger days, Clinton served as an attorney during the Watergate investigation, but was apparently fired for her bad behavior.

Jerry Zeifman, described as a lifelong Democrat, served as Clinton’s supervisor and gave her the boot immediately after the investigation concluded. He was so dissatisfied with Hillary’s performance that he also refused to give her a good recommendation.

When pressed for reasons as to why he fired her, Zeifman said it was because she was a liar, completely unethical, dishonest, and conspired to violate the Constitution."

It's enough. Send her away already. She's trouble.

Such a disingenuous sociopath is dangerous. The question shouldn't be whether Trump will start a war.

The question should be pointed directly at her.

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  1. Remember during the early days of the Women's Liberation Movement when it was a popular notion that "if women were in charge all wars would cease and the world would be a much more peaceful place" because, presumably, women are the more "compassionate" "nurturing" and "caring" gender.

    Now, if Hillary wins---AND she winds up being "the President who 'presses the button'" (remember THAT fear from the 60s?)
    ...wouldn't THAT be ironic!!!????


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