Thoughts On Vin Scully

The voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers Vin Scully is retiring and I've been taking in my fair share of Scully stories on sports radio.

Scully's stunning career began in 1958 and stretches back still further to the old Brooklyn Dodgers in the early part of the decade. All told 67 years of Dodgers history runs through his veins.

Now some may be wondering why a Montrealer would be talking about Scully.

A couple of reasons actually.

First off, this city has had its fair share of wonderful play by play broadcasters. For me, Dave Van Horne and Dick Irvin come to mind having telling Scullyesque tales in baseball and hockey respectively. Some of those years we had the pleasure of a Van Horne-Duke Snyder tandem and later Ken Singleton. On the French language broadcast we had Jacques Doucet.

Which makes me wonder about CJAD's decision to drop Irvin given how long Scully has gone. The day the Habs lost Irvin, was the day I lost all interest (among other reasons) in listening to the team on the radio. 

Through Snyder we begin to see the connection of Montreal to the Dodgers via the Montreal Royals who were the farm team.

Which brings me to another reason. Because of the Royals-Dodgers lineage and reading about the history, I decided to follow the Dodgers after the Expos moved to Washington.

Along the way, besides playoff games over the years, I caught my share of Vin Scully called games.

So, given this, the story and celebration around Scully is not lost on me.  As I write I'm listening to Scully call the Rockies-Dodgers game.

There's an incredible poetic cadence to Scully's layered style one in which comes with powerful imagery and authenticity.

Now if you don't mind, rather than delve deeper into this, I have a ball game to listen to.

Make that, Vin Scully to listen to.

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