Business And Bankruptcy

In the Presidential debate with Donald Trump Hillary attacked him for his bankruptcies alleging true successful businessmen don't declare bankruptcy.

Of course, this is not supported by facts and I didn't expect Lester Holt to fact check her like he seemed to for Donald so eagerly.

Shades of Crowley.

Not surprising seeing he works for NBC and his job was on the line. Good job Lester. You keep up the myth of the neutral moderator.



Back when I was taking business courses in university, Robert Campeau was the entrepreneur du jour (whatever happened to that guy?). In my accounting class I had to analyze his deals and along the way I came across a statistic that the average businessman declared bankruptcy seven times in their lives before they became millionaires.

Which makes sense given taking risks means a high potential for failure.

Her attack is not backed by the reality.

Just more progressive rubbish. 

See 30 people who declared bankruptcy.

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