Our Timely, Compassionate Health System

Today a family member was admitted to hospital in pain.

That was early this morning.

They still haven't seen a doctor. Nine hours and counting.


Hey. At least it's "free" and we're not American!


  1. A few years ago (before Obamacare was even passed), I broke my kneecap. I was transported to the nearest hospital ER where I laid for 5 hours unattended (I had to insist on an X-ray after hearing the head nurse say I was complaining of "knee pain") until I was given a painkiller pill (which I did not want), a soft cast, a set of crutches, and a suggestion that I see an orthopedist as soon as I could. The bill? In excess of $20k... the ER doctor (who insisted on that pill) billed $1500 for his "services." The only reason I saw the bill was because my insurance rejected the hospital's claim initially.

  2. Crazy!

    Dangers of anecdotal stories.

    Nothing's perfect I guess.


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