Convince Me The CBC Is Necessary For Canada

If there is bias at the CBC and it does indeed swing left, then why must I be forced to pay taxes to keep it going?

If I don't agree with their positions, why must I be coerced into supporting it? Because it keeps the country "united?" What a load of crap - especially with, you know, the fucking fact that I can look up literally anything about everything on the Internet. I don't need the CBC. Don't watch the CBC. Don't read the CBC.

It's bad enough a public broadcaster takes sides - which they shouldn't be doing regardless of ideology - but the utter condescending attitude of those who can't let go of the CBC as if it's some comforting teddy bear is nauseating.

Yet, I'm constantly told it's a necessity and that if I don't understand then tough and too bad. Fuck you, pay us.


Fuck you.

You feel you give a great, quality service Canadians need and demand? Then pay for it.

I think the CBC could survive if privatized. It has talent and does have good radio programming. Privatizing would just mean the shitty shows no one listens to get blown out as they ought to. Just because you feel you have something to say or that you're an artist at heart doesn't mean you should get a dime. Get in line, pals.

What are they so afraid of? Come and ask for my money like adults and stop hiding behind the government. You chose to take sides now it's time to account.

Just my take.

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