Montreal And Laval Elections

After all the bull shit we just went through what do they go do? Vote in the same bunch of cronies that wrecked the city's reputation.

Denis Codere as mayor. Expect the same crap.

I'm so annoyed right now. It's days like these I have little faith in my fellow citizens. This stinks of an apathy vote. "Oh, look! There's Codere he was with the Liberals I think I'll vote for him." I just hope in the end Montrealers were wise enough not to give him a total mandate.


Still waiting on the Laval elections result.

Update: Melanie Joly - who wasn't permitted to participate in the debates - is currently in a tightly contested battle for 2nd place with Bergeron behind Codere. Cote is in 4th. Codere has 35 seats Bergeron 24 and Cote 5.

Very impressive showing. As you know, I thought Cote and Joly were strong candidates for Montreal. To me, Codere is just another Liberal party hack.

In Laval, former policeman Marc Demers was elected. Just watched him give his victory speech with a few shady characters in the background. Anyway, he beat out Gobe. Not surprisingly,  Laval's election was marred by ugly politics and allegations (Demers is not a Laval resident). Laval corruption makes Montreal look like Disneyland.

I'll post the results tomorrow. 

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