Futurist Diet Makes Comeback

"Futurism, which occurred in Italy between 1909 and the 1930s, was the first international movement in history to combine art, literature, design, architecture, photography, cinema, theater, music, dance and food in a unique modern and dynamic vision. “The futurist culinary revolution” – said Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, the founder of the movement – “has the high, noble and useful aim or radically changing the diet of our race. The goal is to make it stronger, more dynamic and spiritual by introducing new dishes in which experience, intelligence, and fantasy replace banality, repetition and cost. Our futurist cuisine, fine-tuned like the motor of a high speed sea plane will seem crazy and dangerous to some trembling traditionalists: instead, the futurist cuisine will finally create harmony between man’s palate and his daily life.”

See recipes here.

The Futurists believe in all sorts of things. They believed Italians ate too much pasta "piggish stuff" as an Italian journalist once put it. They even opened up restaurants alas people weren't ready to eat boiled chicken (Chickenfiat) stuffed with ball bearings and so I don't think they were all that profitable or successful in war time.

About the comeback. I was just kidding.

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