Tortured Logic Of The Broken Canadian Court System

 Exhibit A.

This is the new baseline in Canada. 

It's extraordinary.

Witness the horrific, irrational and unreadable excuse provided by the court:

"Finally, I accept that it is extraordinary for an employer to enact a workplace policy that impacts an employee’s bodily integrity, but in the context of the extraordinary health challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic, such policies are reasonable.  They do not force an employee to be vaccinated.  What they do force is a choice between getting vaccinated, and continuing to earn an income, or remaining unvaccinated and losing their income."

No one is forcing you. You just will have to give up your income.

Even if you supported these failed experimental mRNA products, you may not support another medical procedure in the future. But you have no right to that opinion AND be able to work. 

This is how bad the situation here is. 'No jab, no job' is now baked in. Better pray you don't work for a company that enforces and coerces mandates. 

Which means your career.

And the ability to provide for your family.

In essence, Canada condones the assault on bodily autonomy 'because emergency' moving forward.

Too bad, too sad.

My comment?

Either we fix this somehow - and fast.

Or leave Canada.

You have no rights in Canada.

The Charter may as well be removed from Parliament Hill.

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