The Frightening Hypocrisy Of The Modern Left

Did you hear?

De Sanrtis is a fucking legend.

Unlike the hams, we have in Canada and Quebec. In the "leaders" (these aren't leaders. They're bums) debate QS's Nadeau-Dubois took a passive-aggressive shot at Texas. Keep it up Quebec. Quebec keep showing your parochial and insignificant colors. Meanwhile, Frankie Brasserie made the audaciously arrogant and evil claim that curfews rescued contacts and ergo saved lives. It went unchallenged. 

Pathetic. Weak.


What a painful contrast. 

De Santis shipped 50 illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard. A few months ago Texas Gov. Abbott sent migrants to Washington D.C.

The purpose is to bring the problem to the places that refuse to fix it and see if they like it.

And boy do the parasites don't like it.

Residents of Martha's Vineyard - they should reconsider a name change to Karen's Vineyard - were not happy. No siree. One woman was pearl clutching one step away from asking to speak to the manager she was so flummoxed at the sight of 50 brown illegals on her precious island.

Mission accomplished for De Santis. It revealed the ugly racism of the east coast liberal.

They're nothing more than petty virtue signallers who, when it comes time to do the right thing, just engage in NIMBYism. 

Instead of doing something productive and humane like civilized people by finding accommodations they complained. Easier to complain. All they could do is reveal how disconnected they are deep in their arrogance and cognitive dissonance. Take in a Broadway show about Gander or something. 

Here's an idea. How about you ring Obama's doorbell and ask if he could put up the migrants for a fortnight on his luxurious, antic-climate change compound? 

Hypocrites. All of them.

To frightening heights. 


Alex Stein might not be everyone's cup of tea but he does well here:

They say voter ID is racist! Yet they wanted you to have a freaking vaccine mandate to buy a hot dog at 7-Eleven."

"They love a vax (mandate). That's not racist. Having to show an ID and a vaccine card to eat spaghetti at Olive Garden, that's not racist. But having to show an ID to vote in an election, that is bigotry."


Justin the wannabe dictator has finally gone after Rebel News. He has sent some lap dog Jean-Christophe something from the University of Calgary to launch a lawsuit against Rebel. The game is to basically bankrupt Rebel.


The hypocrisy. 

Here's a gallivanting dead-weight loser who lectures about democracy everywhere he goes and is directly engaging in suppressing the press in Canada.

Dictators gonna dictate.

Evil, eh?

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