Simple Observations

"....I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.” President Barack Obama.

This from a guy who earned $14 million with his books while in office and a $65 million book deal.

Is that enough, Barry?

It's too much for you! I'm speaking as a whole and in general terms for the society! All pseudo-intellectual bull shit.

He wants mo'money just like anyone else. People saw this for what it is: Hypocrisy. 


Trudeau and the Liberals are sowers of discord. Just like Obama engage in divisive class and racial warfare (with a smile), Justin is swimming in his own cess pool of identity politics.

The Hijab Hoax is but one example of his tiresome and trivial tripe on the subject. He and Ontario Premier Wynne jumped and rushed into the story (the school even permitted a press conference on its premises) to pimp their unproductive narrative only to upset many Canadians once it was proven false including members of the Asian community (it was alleged an Asian man attacked the young girl. You can't make this stuff up anymore).

Everyone in this story is a liar it turns out. Even the premise of the story was preposterous and yet they blindly took the word of an 11 year-old at face value. 

The Liberals should knock it off. But I won't hold my breath. 

If they truly mean they speak for all Canadians, then they'd stop demonizing one segment to prop up another.

It's irritating as it is infuriating at this point.

Not to mention anti-humanist.

As for the CBC, why did they publish the story at all? If they're the responsible journalists they claim to be, why did they jump on this before the facts were gathered and in?

Need I remind they do this on taxpayer dime?

If this they want to play this shtick, then do the honourable thing and privatize.

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