Updated: Shilling For Biden And The Alt-Reality Of The Left

Be careful now. The media is going to slowly spin this whole Weinstein thing away from the fact he's a Democrat and try and find ways to pin things on conservatives.

Remember, this is the side that thinks Republicans were liberals and then became racists

Now they're starting to clean up Biden's image.

Don't buy into any of it.

It's hilarious how they think it's 'alt-right fake news' when the footage (including C-SPAN!) of Biden comes from other sources unedited for all to plainly see. It's not a meme it's reality.

The fact she writes 'alt-right fake news' says a lot about the immature and irresponsible state of affairs of contemporary journalism. Her assertion isn't backed by facts.

I bet you she thinks Hillary has clean hands and Obama never spied on Americans or Trump. 

It reminds me of a progressive friend who actually said he wanted to see proof of Hillary's corruption. This after he just ranted about Trump being racist and a Nazi without a single verifiable fact. Never mind not being able to connect it to Nazi Germany. 

The progressive left live in an alt-reality.

Here are a collection of Biden's inappropriate and creepy behaviour from C-SPAN footage.

Anything you'd like to add Nicole Perlroth? 


I was doing some work today from home and happened to have the TV on. Whatever show was on was interrupted by a news break to cut to Trump speak about his vista to Asia (which was a success and didn't lead to WWIII! Woo-hoo!). It happened to be on ABC with George Stephanopoulos. As soon as it ended Stephanopoulos interviewed Martha Raddatz where both proceeded to talk about how he was long on talk and short on specifics (something they never questioned with the champ on bull shit talk Obama). She then she ripped right into a rant about how 60% of Americans don't trust the President to deal with North Korea. 

ABfuckenC. Objective neutral journalism my ass. They remain in the arms of the Democrat party.

It's insulting they say otherwise.

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