Multiculturalism Is Past Its Expiration Date

Multiculturalism is a euphemism. Did you know that?

It's a euphemism for anti-Westernism.

That much I can see now having observed the reasoning behind it for years. 

The key tactic of the left is to lower the worth of our civilization and elevate (by ignoring the bad parts of course) all other cultures so as to 'equalize' and sell the idea of relativism that all cultures and countries are the same. You do everything in your power to obsess and blow out of proportion parts of our history (The Crusades; colonial genocide etc.) purposely reworking (if not lying about) it. 

Nations and civilizations are not the same and never will be. 

And the West is perhaps at this stage in human history the most advanced civilization on a multitude of levels from technology to human rights. 

It's not racist to stipulate it. It's a matter of fact and reality.

Whenever someone says multiculturalism is enlightened policy it's not.

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