Killing Coal Will Cut Growth: A Trade Off Canadians Willing To Take?

According to a CFIB survey, 76% of Quebecers think the government should phase out coal-generated electricity by 2030 in order to transition to renewable energy. The number was 45% across Canada.

That's one mozzarella rice ball hanging out there.

Interestingly, since it's published by the CFIB these are mostly small business owners who think this should be a policy.

Here's the problem as far as I can tell. Coal is the essence of our economies. Setting target dates are problematic since we don't know if renewables are capable of replacing and improving coal-centric power. By all accounts, they're not. And certainly not within 13 years.

Did they consider the loss in growth and possibly our standard of living by forcing such a transition?

Quebec is particularly in a pickle. We're already an economy struggling with little disposable income while our production and growth lag most of the provinces. What keeps this province moving along is hydro-electricity and other natural resources because we sure as hell not an innovator or attracting world class talent to our shores.

If there's one thing we're learning from countries trying to push the green economy is that a) it's taking longer than first thought and with great costs, b) it's better to let private hands naturally develop it and c) emerging economies aren't justifiably interested.

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