The Yelp Of The Unhinged


Had the TV on mute during the hockey game last night and the CBC's Peter Mansbridge came on. Without hearing a single word the images revealed to me how the left was going to handle Trump's firing of Comey - yet another non-event the left are irrationally losing their flimsy, delicate minds over. One second you see Trump and the next you see old black and white footage of Richard Milhouse Nixon.

You see, the con game is to somehow link Trump, Nixon and sleaze. Except, you know, Watergate has absolutely fuck all to do with the firing of a Federal employee.

Hillary's corrupted shenanigans were worse but hey. All of a sudden the media demanded 'proof' without ever going to seek it themselves because, well, they tilt progressive.


What a bunch of clowns.

Stop watching and reading the mainstream media for facts and truth. You watch it to see how they spin and what the other side is thinking.

Rid yourself of the poison.

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