Ted Koppel Has The Answers: You're Dangerous

Koppel (to Sean Hannity): "You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts.
Oh, you mean like....progressivism, Ted?

Yeah. Suuuure. Brian Williams and Dan Rather were model journalists, right Ted? Or the edited fake 911 call by NBC in the Zimmerman case. Or the UVA rape hoax by Rolling Stone mag. Or how the media clearly and arrogantly picked a side during the election, right Ted?

What about this story about the story where anti-Trump agitators planned to attack a conservative event with stink bombs causing hysteria? Could you imagine the pain, suffering and carnage to people; heck, pregnant women? Where was the fucken, god damn press then, Ted? WHY WASN'T THIS SERIOUS CRIME NOT REPORTED? I can't find a single major paper that did.

Is this the professional journalism you refer to, Ted? What about you Scott over at 60 Minutes? Is this your ilk seeking 'truth'?

Imagine if a Trump supporter did this at Hillary event.


Faux righteous journalists like you guys would be all over it I reckon.

Quite disingenuous on your parts, no?

The facts do mean a lot to those of us who have had it with the lying and manipulation.

To the point, the lid was blown wide open, Ted. Move on.

Alas, according to progressives, America is doomed because of Russia, Limbaugh and Hannity. Or so goes the narrative.

In this idiotic world view, who is taking the 'people' for fools exactly?

Who is insulting people to their faces, Ted? Are Americans not intelligent enough to decide for themselves what to listen to or watch without being insulted for being 'duped'?

Do you not see the arrogance of your thought process?

No one is forcing anyone to listen to those guys, Ted. Maybe, just maybe, there's a reason this is happening?

Just like progressive idiots refuse to acknowledge the results of the election while committing to an introspective reason why they lost, right Ted? It's all the fault of someone else, right Ted?

In this case, liberals have insanely gone after Russia without a god damn shred of evidence and Rush fucking Limbaugh, eh Ted?

Just who are the simplistic minded trouble makers I ask?

At this point, who even listens to or gets their news from mainstream organizations - or even 60 Minutes - anymore?

With me, not a single minute is wasted on them.

Just take the issue on Russia to understand the gunk and junk they feed people. Without a shred of fucking evidence they beat the anti-Russia drum all to bust Trump's balls. It's not rooted in principles or prove; just to get the Republican in power. That's all it is. And there they are. All the lackeys and minions on comment threads linking to all these bull shit articles about Russia because - wipe a poor tear for these sore losers - the left-wing, unprincipled, crooked witch Hillary lost.

Got that, Ted?

That's why no one is listening to the legacy media anymore. They abandoned their duty and now are reacting because people dare have the temerity to turn their backs on them?

Know what's amazing? The left goes on about how wealth is concentrated in the few as if this has a direct impact on our lives (which it doesn't). Yet, not a mention that media is owned by six corporations that own something like 90% of all media. Think of that.

All information is funnelled and controlled into those organizations. Ever wonder why how they all seem to lead off with the same stories? Have similar headlines? Use the same buzz words?

And before you go off on Fox, their just a small piece of that game; albeit a successful conservative one which absolutely pisses off the left; hence all the 'Faux News' stuff (from the same people who say stupid things like 'Teabaggers' and 'Drumpf'.

They're just a bunch of starving hyenas waiting to get their marching orders and talking points is all they are.

Never mind that the vast majority of reporters vote Democrat and it clearly shows in the coverage. They don't even bother to hide this fact anymore. Shit, the election we just witness pretty much exploded the myth of 'objective' journalism. And what did they do when exposed? They doubled down.

Now. It seems to me this is a teenie-weenie problem, no?

But here's the thing. The market is filled with principled people. Curious minds. Professional journalists. Honest pundits. And the internet has permitted them to express their ideas or reports and take it straight to the people. They call this 'alternative' media (as if it has a hint of lies to it) but in my world, it's come to mean real news and media.

It's the mainstream stuff that has been pushed off to the side as a carnival act. There's only so much of your agenda you can cram down people's throats and as Koppel showed, by insulting them to their faces in the process.  It's calling them 'deplorable' by other means.

What are they angling for? The centralization of information?

Thank God we have access to information outside the gates of the mainstream press.

Thank. God.

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