On Rotherham And The Media

As I continue to observe media personalities lash out against fake news (which really is to protect their monopoly on fake news it feels like), a couple of things popped into my head where the media failed people.

One, as I like to point out every once in a while when sports journalists (of all people) start to go off on anti-blogger rants that they failed (or at the very least turned a blind eye) to do their jobs and report honestly about steroids in baseball. They were too wrapped up and worried in needing to protect access rather than do the principled thing and tell the truth. It took bloggers and investigative journalists outside the ESPN mothership to do it. Of course, once it was out, they had no choice but to delve into it; and even then they were too tepid. 

Fine. They didn't report on it. What really irritated me was their attitude about it after the fact. It was a strange mixture of non-chalant defiance and smug anger towards bloggers. As if they were showed up or something.

Anyway. This is the impression I got. 

The other, albeit much more serious and egregious, story was the compete silence of the media on the unconscionable and unspeakable acts perpetuated by the Muslim community at Rotherham. 

Everyone who are supposed to be all that is good and decent ignored Rotherham; the media, law enforcement, politicians. So we're clear. Any police chief, officers, politicians, journalists who may have knew or just couldn't be bothered to investigate and or prosecute all have this stain on their conscience. 

Same with organizations like CBC, BBC, 60 Minutes, Washington Post, New York Times,Ted Koppel - you know. All those professional journalists who scream 'fake news' at the moment.

And just to make sure if you think they felt shame think again. Check the BBC out:

"The BBC should be protected by new laws that promote its shows over those of rivals, according to one of the corporation’s most senior executives.  James Purnell, director of radio and education, says that the shows the BBC makes must be given more prominence in television guides than those of commercial services Sky, Amazon and Netflix."

I may have to do a post just on this rubbish the hutzpah is so remarkable.

Why mention this?

Because I don't appreciate people like Koppel and others like him coming out to scold those people who are out to find out what they failed to do; particularly when it comes to keeping a watchful eye on leaders.

Personally, I think there was a complete abdication of duty to cover the Democrats under Obama and there was a further sickening display of partisanship during the election.

And the more we remind our 'intellectual' masters we're informed and not willing to accept what they command us to think, the more they will either be forced to change or recede into irrelevance. 

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