Why They Lost

It's really not that complicated.

The Democrats "assumed" they knew what a part of the American population wanted without bothering to understand the other parts. Believing the latter to be fools not worthy of their leadership. In this, they committed fatal faux pas filled with presumptions and projections.

Trump on the other hand, free of traditional political machinations that cloud the pulse of a people, simply gauged where he thought the American people were headed and - zing! - hit the tones and notes that reverberated down the spine of the country.

This wasn't about racism or Fox or whatever short-sighted, misleading and unproductive excuse pimped and pummelled into the minds of the Democrats and its base.


This was a simple case of one party too arrogant and one man who played that to his advantage.

The key now for Trump is will he engage in a 'to and fro' with the American people and govern accordingly or will he be tone deaf so as to believe he knows 'what's best' like his predecessor did?

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