Trump Lays Out Plan And Speaks Directly To The People

A liberal friend of mine was complaining he doesn't know a single issue Trump has articulated properly.

Funny. It all seemed perfectly clear to me.

I absolutely love - LOVE - the idea of for every new regulation TWO must be removed plan.

Hope it happens.


  1. Uh-u-u-u-u-uuum:
    How is Trump's policies going to benefit any Canadian interests?
    ...just asking ...

    1. Good question. Not sure but a strong U.S. economy is good for Canada generally speaking. He's friendly to developing oil and gas so that's another plus. As for his threats about American companies relocating elsewhere, that doesn't impact Canada I think given out wages are not low and are on par with other industrialized countries. Low waged countries are the ones to worry. I don't foresee him having a problem with U.S. subsidiaries (e.g. Ford etc.) opening plants here since it's more to do with establishing presence more than anything and not circumnavigating U.S wages.


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