The Liberals Just Disgraced This Great Land

With one simple, thoughtless eulogy to a dictator, Trudeau has put this country at the forefront of attention it's not used to getting.

And for all the wrong reasons.

The response from people has been swift and clinical.

In my lifetime, I've yet to see a person so thoroughly embarrass us.

If this is Justin's take on Canadian 'values' I want no part of it.

Was it worth staking your reputation and the integrity of this country over a tinpot dictator who enriched himself at the expense of his people?

I'm not surprised at all by Justin's comments.

What I will not stand for is trading this country's sense of decency for his lack of wisdom.


  1. The main "sin" is that the world judges the entire whole of Canada solely on the basis of whatever personal and/or political opinions and viewpoints its current Prime Minister happens to espouse.
    As if no-one could ever figure out that a large population might possibly denote a plethora of varying viewpoints.

    1. Absolute true. Except in this case he said 'on behalf of all Canadians'. Sorry, he has no business saying that.

    2. "On behalf of all" is a mere expression.
      Someone is taking the liberty of "speaking for you" without your approval or consent.

    3. Exactly. He didn't think it through; he just assumed he speaks for me and others.


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