Paris Climate Conference: Indulgences For All

Preparing yet another Daily Derp soooo....

I know. I've never waited this long between posts but it's been one of those years.

Just a quick word on Paris. While everyone is giving each other bum taps for this toothless waste of theater, leave it to me to knock sense into folks.

Call this for what it is. Taking money from the middle class in wealthy countries and handing it straight into the pockets of dictators in tin pot countries and kleptocrats in poor countries. That's all this will accomplish. Nothing else. It won't keep emissions down. It won't keep temperatures between 1.5 and 2 degrees. It won't save Peter Plant. It won't do anything. Know why? Because the whole fucken thing is a lie and an exercise in unhinged hubris.

The whole notion that we need to rid ourselves of fossil fuels is so incredibly ludicrous and dangerous, it makes you wonder just who the true extremists are. Well, I know it's those who pimp climate change and those who blindly follow them.

Let me put it to you this way. If we stop using fossil fuels (an energy source that's never been cleaner and continues to evolve because of something called technology and innovation) today. Are you, those who call for its demise, ready to make do with planes, trains, automobiles and iPhones?

Thought so.

You know. Donald Trump may be a blow hard but at least we all know his game. But how are people like John Kerry and Bernie Sanders any less blowhardy with their incessant fear-mongering about climate change?

Says Grandpa Gulag: "If we do not address the global crisis of climate change, transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to sustainable energy, the planet that we're going to be leaving our kids and our grandchildren may well not be habitable."

Oh fuck off you pant-shitting disingenuous commie.

The planet will be fine. It's as sure a bet as the Cleveland Browns not winning the Super Bowl this year. I'm not foolish enough to expand my prediction beyond this year. Unlike moronic emissions targets that reach as far as 2030.

But. I will predict that by 2030 we'll all be here. 

And then there's John Kerry. Oh, dear me. Well, read for yourself. Try and not throw yourself out the window.

This is not science. It's scientism. They just believe a version of science (a hopelessly manipulated one). In this way, it's a religion. Nothing more, nothing less.

Final thought. The thing that fascinates and perplexes at the same time is how there seems to be no room for any good news when it comes to climate.

Whenever I read something about, say, global temps have held steady for 10 years, one would think 'yay! Good thing', no?

Alas, no. The mindset seems to be one of 'NO good news! Just bad! All the time!' There seems to be absolutely no tolerance or belief that the earth can mend itself on its own. No way, man. MAN HAS TO DO IT.

Such utter, nonsensical bull shit.


  1. Vive la France. Enlightenment's own country.

    Aimee of Cadieux et Langevin

  2. Climate change could simply be the earth's way of self-defense and self-preservation.
    The planet's merely reacting and responding to being assaulted, subverted and desecrated. The earth is, indeed, self-sufficient and self-reliant---and is restoring itself via extreme weather and natural disasters. Until its original balance is restored. Good for earth---bad for humans.
    We'll never really know just to what extent these patterns have to do with changes that would've occurred anyway regardless of human activity or to the consequences of the invasion of man-made entities into the planets own environment and ecosystem, as the sciences have all become so partisan instead of maintaining the impartiality needed in order to effectively investigate available facts and to be able to discern accurately the results of such impartial investigations.

    1. You make more sense than the climate change camp.

  3. It's neither to disavow or embrace any one theory or assumption ...
    It's simply to make honest efforts at finding out what the truth and the facts are, nothing more.


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