Obama Continues To Lie About Mass Shootings Abroad

The President is leaving me no choice but to conclude he is indeed disconnected and unhinged from facts and reality.

Obama repeated the bizarre and inaccurate claim following the Planned Parenthood killing spree that "These shootings just don't happen in other countries'.

He said this....while in Paris but one month removed from a mass terrorist attack.

Shocking and appalling he would go there but there he did.

They do happen. Google is an easy tool even for lazy and arrogant minds who have cheap political points to score soon after every single shooting tragedy. There's enough data to suggest he's plain wrong and therefore it's easy to conclude he's deliberately misleading "folks" as he likes to call his constituents.

You would think someone within his advisory council would ask him to cut it out lest he comes out looking like a lying sociopath.

Or maybe they have and...he just doesn't care.

Because narrative. It must be.

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