You Know Who's Responsible For That? The Jews!

Just my (middling) thoughts from this article in Tablemag titled "Why Literally Everyone in the World Hates the Jews and What To Do About It."

I'm of the personal belief that even without Israel, the people who use Israel to hate Jews would remain anti-semitic.

What do I base this assertion on?



There's no sugarcoating it. It's been ugly. 

Pogroms anyone? It's gonna be a good one, Hans! Holocaust? Right. Didn't "happen." Wink. And if one does concede it did, come on now, how much more do we have to here about it!

Well, it was a pretty serious and horrific crime against humanity. Sure, it wasn't the only one but it was without doubt the most organized and evil given the scale.

Long before the contentious creation of Israel Jews were the pawns and scapegoats of history largely between ancient dynasties, rulers and empires, Christians and Muslims alike.

Even here in "tolerant" Quebec we've yet to wrestle with our anti-semitic past. Witness when the most detestable Pauline Marois attended an anti-Israel march a couple of years back. Wise politicians with a true understanding of humanity don't pull shit like that. It's the PQ so the standards, I understand, are quite low. We still have Metro stations named after racists like Lionel-Groulx meanwhile in the USA Americans are making an issue of sports nicknames.

Alas. Slight digression.

Small, fragmented, and scattered they were irrationally perceived to be the cause of many social, economic and political ills over time.

Moments of tolerance (likely when Christians got their moral and intellectual bearings adjusted properly) aside, I can't explain why mistrust of Jews (I've met quite a few people - progressives mostly - who emphatically with a cool faux-rationalism and blanket assertion believe Jews are the most racist people in the world. Whenever I hear that ugly vapid nonsense from the tongue of an individual I immediately dismiss them and discount them as thinkers. They're just being assholes) has persisted for thousands of years. It's weird.

It wouldn't surprise me if those who hate Jews don't just hate Jews.

Still a tiny population, they've survived. They carved out, for all intents and purposes, a functional and inclusive democracy (Arabs do have representation in the Knesset), with companies that trade on the stock markets, a strong army all in a sea of dysfunctional madness. Again, I don't see Israel being the reason why Arabs are dysfunctional. The nations of the Arab Middle-East were already there centuries ago.

So I guess you can call me a sympathizer but that doesn't mean I can't be critical of Israeli policies just like I do, say Obama's incoherence on the Middle-East.

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