It's Not A Beautiful Day For Quebec: It's A Disgrace

This was nothing more than a cynical, pathetic, divisive political ploy.

The Parti Quebecois are a sickening bunch of pure laine wannabes.

Quebec's reading of secularism is a mess and deliberately misleading.

No. It's not a beautiful day for Quebec. Not at all.

On the contrary. It's an ugly one.

But what do you expect from one-tooth, knee-slapping, spoon playing, tyrannical, third-rate nationalists?


  1. Very interesting... I see the insanity of the Left is not limited to that country just south of you.

  2. No it is not. Worse is listening to them twist themselves into a Cirque du Soleil knot justifying this utter garbage. Even Celine Dion came in favor of it. Quebec's sparkling contribution to Western civilization.


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