Harper And Obama Share A Similar Trait; More Obamacare Fallout

Obama and Harper have more in common than we think.

The main defining common feature is they both are controlling political figures. Who is "more" so I can't ascertain or entertain but we do have enough to knit a quilt of information that points to this. Harper uses tight parliamentary constraints while Obama thinks little of upping the game of espionage against citizens and journalists alike.

Which is why I understand, given this point, people are skeptical whenever Harper and Obama claim 'to not know' about a scandal that's unfolded.

On the other hand, government has become so gigantic with so many departments and bureaucracies - some shadowy - it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility they wouldn't be aware of what an arm or branch of government is doing.

What they do have control over is how those departments will behave in interpreting and executing policy.


Oh, look more Obamacare fall out.

Hospitals pulling out.

I read, maybe 20 articles a day or so that touch on this mess. It's mind-boggling and all the doofuses have to say is "it's the Republican's fault" or that "people had shitty plans anyway." Ladies and gentlemen, this is what running out of excuses and ideas looks and sounds like.

I think this comment from Reason is appropriate in its description of what happens when government distorts the insurance market:

"My wife and I had a cozy Cape Cod. It wasn't big, but there were only the two of us in our empty nest, and it was quite affordable. Then President Obama told us that our house was now designated as substandard housing and we would not be able to live in our house anymore. That said we should be thankful when they told us to shop around the new sub-division with street after street of, other than the external color and price tag, identical four bedroom, three bath houses. The only problem was the lowest price available was $2000 per month, and I just couldn't afford that. Then they said it was the developer's fault for taking away our old house, and since only six people bought any of the houses in the sub-division, they responded to calls for a single landlord system and now all of us (except for the party dignitaries) live in these rows of gray cinder block apartment buildings with one bathroom on each floor. I really did like my Cape Cod."


And Democrat politicians are worried.

It's hard not to begin thinking Rush Limbaugh was right all along: This was done on purpose so as to get to single-payer. The faux-mantra of progressives.

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