Alberta, Ho!

There's no question Alberta is where it's at in Canada. 

On a side note, I would NOT encourage a person to open a business here in Quebec. It's already hard enough to succeed in business in any place but the added problem of the PQ and its quackery and crack-tin pot rhetoric and policies as well as they over reliance of the welfare state keeping income, property and sales taxes persistently high (to say nothing of the elevated corruption as compared to the rest of the country) only makes things harder.

Who wants to hear from the the damn OLF when you're struggling to make pay roll? Who feels like hearing a Minister tell the public private services are inferior to what they pimp? The thing that makes me laugh about the PQ is while they wage their war on religion and private business (thus creating de facto second class citizens) they sure do need OUR TAXES, eh?

Like I said. Pimps.

Nah. Go where the political baggage is less, and more importantly, where the wages and jobs are.

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