Momentous Middlings on Current Affairs: Muslim-Americans/law enforcement, Martyrdom, Family, Harper, iPods/Cds, MLB, Public tennis Courts, Cuisine


"Another reason is the informant network established within the Moslem-American community. For every suspected Islamic terrorist arrested in the United States, some ten Moslem-Americans have joined the military,FBI, CIA and similar organizations involved in the war on terror."

Now there's an interesting fact you don't hear every day.

-THE CULT OF THE MARTYR. Just a week after a man went on a murderous rampage at Dawson College police have had to respond to two disturbing calls. The first, a 15-year old boy threatened to do the same thing at a high school in Hudson. The chilling words were revealed on the same sit vampiresfreak.com where Kimveer Gill laid he's clues into his deteriorating state of mind who had access to several hunting rifles. The police are now investigating the boy's father. The second incidence was when a student at Centennial Academy high school (I went to the private college after one semester at Dawson) entered the school with pellet gun and pellet bullets.

Are parents sleeping at the switch? Is it an acceptable excuse, given the times we live in, for parents to say 'we were unaware'? Ignorance is not a defense in law. Why should it be in society? We've heard it a million times the various theories about how our society is falling apart from all sides of the political spectrum. Yet, we remain timid in getting to the direct source: THE FAMILY. The family structure is under increasing attack. That it must change and adjust to 'progress.' Family values, the bedrock to which that allows us to move forward as a civilized species, no longer are valid in these absurd times. Time to take a deep breath, roll our sleeves and teach our kids the basics of what constitutes a family unit. We have to be far more attentive and astute.

All the justifications seem to point to the fact that kids were bullied. True or not, it is up to the parent to take their kids aside and ensure that they have support to deal with any difficulties society has in store for them. Hoping that they grow out of things can prove fatal.

Our kids are being used as pawns in a world slowly losing its mind. There's isn't much to distinguish between a Muslim suicide bomber and a serial killer now. Both feel victimized by a world that allegedly shuns them. Time to face this sickness head on.

STEPHEN HARPER AND AFGHANISTAN. The Bloc Quebecois called for an emergency discussion in Parliament about a recent decision by the Conservative to deploy a Canadian detachment out of Quebec City to Afghanistan. Quebec is expected to be the key for a majority government for Harper and some are wondering if this latest decision will hurt the Cons. Pish-posh. If it's one thing I learned it's to run opposite to what is reported.

It has to be drilled into the minds of Canadians that sitting back and acting parochial is no longer an option. For too long we have been without leadership. We got used to the Chretien style of risk management in political leadership. Play it safe as it were.

Canadians have to learn we can't have our cake and eat it too. If we want to be respected - the real kind. Not the lip service gibberish we're accustomed to - we have to participate in global matters. Even in areas that seem to be alien to our sensibilities. Sometimes the best decisions are the toughest ones to take and face. That we are still asking what we are to gain in Afghanistan points to how poorly politicians are conveying the purpose of such a mission. Afghanis have directly asked for our help. Are we to ignore it?

-I POD NOTHING. The other day my brother-in-law, something like 6 years my junior, was stunned I still buy CDs. The question posed was in the form of why I don't just go on the Internet and download my music on an iPod. In these days of soulless art, it is no wonder the concept of the album is dead. Kids today don't have the time or patience for such things. Aside from not wanting to pay for a piece of technology that adds little to my life, I actually like going out and hunting for music for many reasons including keeping me au courant with the music scene. It obviously sounds crazy to the younger generation but that's how it is with me. I have no time to sit and 'download' my window into the artistic world. Read a book people. No wonder things are so screwed up and inverted.

-UNCOMPROMISING UMPIRING. Is it me or are MLB umpires just a tad too quick in throwing out players and managers? Thin-skinned some of them are no doubt. Sheesh. Can't argue like you used to it seems. Heck, you can't come 'up and in' anymore without a player equipped like he's ready for a joust charging the mound like a raging retard.

-GET OFF THE $$%$!%@% COURT! In the trivial section of this post I have to vent. Once long ago the nearby tennis courts were reserved for people who actually knew how to play. We all patiently waited our turns as we watched people respect the sport. Today it's different. Let's leave aside that for some reason there are no longer any monitors checking to see if anybody has a pass, courts are littered with listless people dressed in jeans that loiter around. One time, my buddy and I stood and stared at the stupidity of watching three people who could barely hold their rackets laugh as they 'played.' Take the threesome elsewhere if you get my drift. This may sound haughty or snobbish but it isn't. There's nothing worse than having to wait 30 minutes for a court for people who are wasting time. Worse, because they don't know how to play they hardly break a sweat. No wonder they play for two hours.

-OUR CONTRIBUTIONS TO WORLD CUISINE. Wendy's has a commercial pimping one of their Italian sandwiches. In the ad, a collage of assorted cold cuts and foods are artistically placed to cleverly form Italy. In the middle of the country was that classic Italian dairy product: Swiss cheese. I guess the marketers over at Wendy's chose to conveniently overlook that Swiss cheese is not exactly, well, Italian.

For an authentic Italian sandwich you would have to consider provolone, bocconccini and to a lesser extent mozzarella. It's like that advertisement for lasagne (I forget which company. Probably Kraft) boasting four cheeses. One of them being Emanthol.

As a culinary purist, it irritates me what we've done to Italian cuisine. I'd say that roughly half of what we think and sell is Italian actually is not. For example, parmesan is not Parmiggiano. Parmesan (Kraft) is a cheap knock-off (generic in pharma lingo) of the real version which is far more expensive. Parmesan upsets my stomach.

I think the French are behind this. They claim to be 'artists' and 'purists' but they no longer are. They sold their soul to the mass producing devil a long time ago. What the hell does 'zesty parmesan' mean anyway?