How Canadian Science Is Viewed By The World

The Covidnadians are at it again.

At the moment, Canada is stagnantly gripped by a Covid orthodoxy it can't extricate itself from.

Two things I'd like to relay and make my point.

The first is the story of an Ontario court overtiring a mother's right to not have her kids vaccinated. Its reasoning and opinion were appalling and absolutely astonishing. 

I can't believe this is happening in Canada. How sophomorically deferent to authority have judges become here?

That's spilling into the judiciary that is further putting us on a path to bad medicine.

More than any other place, it looks like, Canadian health is just a branch of the PMO.

Why have a judiciary? Just have the PMO dictate everything.

We must also revisit the concept of 'judicial notice'. If all cases will be judged on this basis, then there's little for justice here. 

It's a major problem because the courts are refusing to let evidence through as well as being a reflection of the Canadian medical establishment to evolve at all with real-world data.

As a result you get this jarring display from a Mark Kealey.

I bring this up because he's representative of what's going on here and it's not a good look. It may play well to an apathetic population proud of its obedient streak but once on an international platform, it exposes itself for what it is. Stale messaging with an inelegant whiff of misplaced arrogance.

Let me point out some highlights of his performance that left me embarrassed to be Canadian. 

-Kealey's approach is one that has become all too common among North American Covidians. For example, he comes out swinging about masks. He paternalistically asserts they're 'for you'. We're not going to rehash the uselessness of masks here but it's that kind of certainty that has got us into all kinds of problems since 2020.

-I didn't like when scolded the Indian doctor for using a qualifier like 'but'. Kealey comes from the point of view that these vaccines are a sacred cow. You can discuss ever so carefully there might or could be some issues but nothing more than that. The two doctors were explaining it's much more than that - as more and more doctors from around the world are discovering. At one point in the conversation, Kealey was 'relieved' the doctor was 'pro-vaccine'.

-Kealey made bizarre unsubstantiated claims. One was how Pfizer isn't making any money off these vaccines. I don't know what planet he's on or what financial papers he reads, but that's not true. Pfizer is making money. Record loads. $100 billion thus far. Moderna too. For a vaccine that still operates under an EUA and hasn't been officially approved. Even Fauci recently said they're not approvable. So it was a racket all along. And pharma raked in. Another claim was that this had nothing to do with Bill Gates. We don't know to what extent Gates is involved (hopefully they'll be able to find out in a court one day)but he definitely played a role. From the beginning, Gates was the face of the pandemic along with Fuaci (and Birx). He's the one that said vaccine passports would be needed and that the only way out was through vaccines. He's the second largest donor to the WHO. It is entirely reasonable and plausible given how everything aligned, he played an outsized and influential role in the response. A response, I might add, that erased and ignored everything we knew about such diseases since 430 B.C.

- He kept interjecting as if realizing he made specious claims after hearing more thoughtful and accurate opinions. He seemed to contradict himself on multiple occasions. I don't think he was prepared to hear what he heard. The Canadian medical establishment has closed itself off from this evolving issue. We see an incredible amount of discussions taking place in other places, especially in the United States. Canada clearly won't be involved or offering any valuable insights. Not as long as its prevailing attitude and outlook mirror Kealey's.

-Where the other two were composed and measured informing people of what they know and are experiencing, Kealey just sprouts off long discredited Covid tropes with emotional outbursts. 

-Part of that emotion may stem from the fact his brother passed away due to Covid. I think, and this is just me playing armchair psychologist nor do I have any proof for this, that many people who have become Covid zealots attached to anti-human restrictions and junk science experienced a traumatic event with Covid having lost loved ones.  They then project that pain onto others via heavy-handed approaches that hurt them. As I said, it's a theory of mine.

In the interest of time, I'll leave it here. Watching this I realized this is the face of how Canadians view Covid. Vejon has an international audience and it's clear by the comments, Kealey wasn't impressing anyone. 

And with people like Kealey lurking about in the system, I don't have much trust or respect for such an immature system enamoured with itself. 

YouTube has limited the views to this video. Since this interview, Dr. Chetty has been threatened with revocation of his license, The interesting part is that Chetty spoke elegantly and with facts, and the video is punished. By contrast, YouTube had no problem with Kealey's opinion (and it's an OPINION, not consensus)). 

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