The Calls Are Coming From Inside The House: The West Is Thoroughly Corrupted And Broken

If there's a lesson to be learned (and there are many - alas few of them good) during this Covid-19 hysteria (and it is indeed a manipulated and partly fabricated hysteria with a man-made virus at its root that was the impetus to deceive and force people into taking an experimental procedure. A procedure that is ravaging people's lives. There are astronomical increases in diseases from myocarditis, to infertility, blood clots, neurological conditions and of course, the totally made-up SADS. These are correlated to the vaccine. Ethically, doctors - being cowards and ignorant fools - and other experts blindly continuing to peddle and push these shots have done nothing for the people they harmed. Worse, they have been gaslighting them. This catastrophe will take years if not generations to repair. If at all. There was a window where we could have averted this but now it has closed I'm afraid) is how incredibly corrupted and broken Western nations are.

We've been living a lie. 

What good are all our treaties, laws and preparedness document if they can be so easily discarded and ignored? We've completely bypassed any semblance of the democratic process all for a public health emergency and 'greater good'.

I ask. What good has come of all these measures and restrictions? Public health experts continue to ignore the trade-offs of their advice to shocking levels. They continue to circulate among each other (and to the public) discredited and weak literature often steeped in conflicts of interest (ie David Fisman) while promulgating more deception through a theory called 'layered approach'. That is a simple calculus of mask-wearing and boosters - indefinitely.

It's so incredibly absurd and stupid it makes one wonder just what the hell is going on within the halls of 'The Science' (TM).

Canada, as we know, has been one of the counties at the centre of this madness. So have been Australia and New Zealand. Equally as medieval have been France, Italy, Germany, Japan and the UK. Belgium and the Netherlands too. The United States is in the best position of all but they too have been supremely disappointing as they continue to prey on the insidious narrative. Home of the brave and free? 

What do we notice about these counties? They form the bedrock of Western wealth and science. In one year, their scientific and intellectual heritage was decimated. Their sense of ethics is gone in a flash.

In Canada, public health is presumed to be right and can hardly be challenged. That is 'judicial notice' of taking their recommendations at face value. So if you're public health is corroded with incompetent lunatics (which to me is the case) too bad. The courts won't listen to God's own scientists. It's a very bad spot.

But in recent weeks Germany has been taking the torch and it's difficult to see if they're a disturbing harbinger of things to come or if they're just drifting into an abyss of total authoritarianism on their own.

What is happening in Germany is not good.

In fact, it's extremely troubling and reminiscent of that period back in the 20th century.

Three quick points that initiated this post are happening there.

1) They want to make mask-wearing permanent from October (fall) to Easter (spring).

2) They are throwing in prison independent journalists (to the point of freezing bank accounts) who do not toe the Ukraine line.

3) Advertising for abortion is now allowed after they abolished 219a of their constitution. 

It's worth noting Germany is run by basically left-wing progressives.

Germany is slowly descending into a well of authoritarianism. 

The Ukraine angle also reveals the rank hypocrisy and idiocy of the West.

Germany is wholly dependent on Russian gas (Trump warned Merkel to diversify years ago) and now finds itself in a pickle and is firing up its coal plants now while telling its population things are going to get worse.

What they don't say is that it's entirely of their own doing and has nothing to do with "Putin bad". 

This is a direct result of a stupid policy by stupid people deluded by their own lies and propaganda.

Canada stands right next to Germany on that front.

Independent journalists are being arrested (and sometimes murdered) because they're telling the truth about Ukraine. A truth that runs in direct opposition to Western lies and narratives.

In a nutshell, it is Ukraine that has been the serial aggressor backed by Western powers notable the United States. It's being used as a proxy war to 'get at' Putin. Pawns in proxy wars never come out intact and Ukraine is going to pay a severe price. Never mind Zelensky and dimwitted useful idiots who revere or listen to his empty talk.

Ukraine will be forced to bend and the United States will look away. Of course, it depends on how badly the U.S. wants to hurt Russia. Russia serves as an excellent crutch to distract people from the Democrat party and its own incomprehensible incompetence and criminal behaviour in the last few years. 

They told us there were no Nazis in the Ukraine army. There are. They told us it's Russians committing acts of atrocities and war crimes. They aren't. It's Ukraine that has committed these assaults. They say this is for democracy as they erode their own democracies at home.

And so on.

Whatever shill hack Western journalist says on the news, you can almost bet the opposite is the truth.

We're the bad guys. Get that drilled into your thick arrogant and apathetic skulls.

We're in denial about Ukraine and the failure of the experimental vaccines.

The first step to getting at the truth and beginning a true path to repairing the civil order is to admit we're wrong.

And folks, we're wrong.


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