#Walkaway Gains Traction; Ignore Your Progressive Professors

I always tell my niece and nephews (and soon my daughter) to stay away from anything remotely connected to progressive ideas or ideals. Don't fell prey to their ideological nonsense. Don't watch their comedy. Don't listen or support them on any level.

It's a one-way ticket to loserville. Best to keep in mind fuckers like Maher and Hillary and DeNiro couldn't care less about you. 

That's what being progressive means. To offload your intellectual and moral responsibilities onto a bureaucrat and to project; to badger you into a behaviour they demand but don't ever observe themselves. Ultimately, through social engineering, to force you to accept their orthodoxy.

They're the height of hypocrisy and illiteracy. They're traitorous and treacherous. They hate their country be it the USA or Canada or the West as a whole. Which explains why they rewrite and rework the past. They claim conservatives are angry but all the vitriol comes from one side. They speciously claim conservatives emote but again, most of their anger towards Trump, for example, is nothing more than emotional tantrums. They claim to be for free speech when in fact, they're the ones bludgeoning it to death.

I'll tell you want thing. I've had bad discussions with conservatives and progressives but the latter group were unique in their refusal to consider another view point. The intolerance of different ideas was palpable. I've been called all sorts of nasty things from the left. The right, not so much. I've also had good discussions with both but again, conservatives and libertarians take it to greater heights in my view. They will aim for character assassination before they consider arguing in good faith.

Their solipsism is breathtaking in its scope.

I'm glad #walkway is gaining traction. It's about time people start to realize the insanity that comes out of the mouths of these people.

From faux-righteous people like Michael Moore to Antifa to the DNC or the Liberal party of Canada.

They loath true individual thought. Personal sovereignty. Liberty. Decency. Morality.

All of it.

They hate God. They hate religion. They hate, hate....hate. All the violent rhetoric comes from them. Punch a Nazi, hope for recessions, kill the President etc. Never mind the moronic sciencey things they believe that leads them to dubious actions like banning straws.

Sometimes I wonder if they read at all beyond their little private Idahos. They don't seem to research and when presented with facts and reality, just scream, 'Faux News!'

Stupid unhinged idiocy on full display.

Just look at the fricken news. Pay close attention.

And no, the right or conservatives are not the same. Not even fricken close.

There was some stuff on the fringes but it never became a part of the platform or formed the foundation of their ideas.

But it has on the left. The left destroy civilizations. They don't enhance or protect it. They want a world in their image and nothing else.

These are not well-read, thoughtful people. These are dark, ignorant people on the inside.

Walk away and ignore indeed.

You can't reason with irrationalism.

I'm tired of it. We're all tired of it.

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